Life changes in the blink of an eye

Last month we celebrated 15 years with this project of love and in an instant our beautiful island shaken to the bone…a new chapter in the book of our lives begins.

With deep sadness in my heart I had to leave my island for a while. Not because I couldn’t bare being without power, water or telecommunications, or because I wanted to make my kids life ‘easier’ as those 17 days after the hurricane they put in practice all those survival skills were able to experience the true m

eaning of community. I cannot complain, my house is whole, except for a few broken windows and ruined rugs. I never had the need to visit a supermarket in those 17 days because the Universe provided for us to be taken care of…through a full fridge and freezer powered by a generator, the donations of expat friends that left the island right

after the hurricane or my friend who owns a restaurant. Simply our barefoot life got a little wilder and much more meaningful. We worked like ants, each had a responsibility…I cooked warm healthy meals for all, others went for gas, others for water at the springs, others made sure the rainwater collection systems were in place, our chiropractor friend gave us some TLC adjustments every once in a while as we all were working hard…cleaning, removing debri

s, making our areas nice again, carrying big buckets of water to flush toilets, wash dishes and do the laundry…it was hard work, by 8:30pm most were in bed as once the night came it was pitch black except for outside that the moon blessed us with a glow never seen. We gathered outside to talk and all of us were lucky to see shooting stars. We celebrated the rain! ¡¡Agua!! (Water!) You could here everyone yelling and running as it started to rain. Kids took pride in ensuring all containers were filled and oh! How much we suffered seeing when everything was full and water was “going to waste”! Perspective, ha?

It hurts to leave my piece of paradise. It hurts to see my island devastated and my brothers and sisters suff

ering. It hurts to see how families have lost it all. It hurts to wonder how long is going to take to recover from all this. It hurts to see my 15-year business and life project be put on hold and so those of many friends and people out there. It hurts to see the lack of humanity and the insults of the President of the US! It h

urts even more to read of people that after everything he’s said and done will still support and defend him. A sad reminder of how screwed up collective consciousness has become. It hurts to leave my husband and daughter behind (she is hopeful her classes at college will resume soon and doesn’t want to miss her semester). It hurts to leave my mom and family….my friends, my community.

I left the island because I’m basically jobless and because of failed projects and a suffering economy, our reserve was already depleted and with no ways of generating any income I need to find ways to support our family and take care of our financial obligations. This is not the end of Natural Awakenings, I’m not leaving to start a new life or a different project. I’m moving so I can find a way to keep doing what I love and serving my people.

I’m leaving because I know I can do more from outside from the island to help my people.

Puerto Rico will rise, stronger, more beautiful, and more conscious! Things happen for a reason. Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind, our goal now is to find it.


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